July 18, 2006

Evolution of a Librarian

I want to thank Alexis, for bringing me kicking and screaming into the land of blogs. Most people that I know are perplexed by that statement because I am a Systems Librarian, IT professional, software trainer, and currently a department head for both IT and Instructional Media services at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. But it is true that I have been reluctant to enter the world of blogging, online journals, or the social communities of the 21st century. Perhaps a little more perspective from whence I come...

I started in the world of Bulletin Board Systems (BBSes) back in the mid-80's. I was on an interactive CHAT system back in 1986. I had my 1st internet account in 1988. I had my first Website (not web page but web SITE) in 1993 when Mosaic was just getting started. I presented the 1st hands-on workshop at Internet World and Computers in Libraries on "How to Create Your Own Homepage" back in 1994, 1995 respectively. Since then, I've been in and out of both the Library Systems world and the software training world. I love using and teaching the technology to further the lives of others.